Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the probable reasons behind a life insurance claim getting rejected?
  • Putting incorrect details in the insurance application form.
  • Hiding pre-existing illnesses.
  • No Nominee details have been provided.
  • Policy lapse.
  • Delay in the submission of an insurance claim.
What points to look out for before buying health insurance?

The main features to check out before buying your health insurance includes:

  • Adequate cover
  • List of hospitals
  • Cashless facility
  • Deductibles
  • Exclusions
  • Room-Rent capping
  • Insurer’s claim settlement ratio


What is the right age to buy life insurance?

Life insurance cover is better if bought early. Policy taken at early age costs less as age is the prime consideration in the premium calculation. Moreover, a policy bought early might not require any medical check-ups. Any old age illness can lead to your policy getting rejected.

Bought a wrong life insurance policy. How to cancel?

Struggling with a wrong life insurance policy? Click here to know what you can do.

Was Your Insurance Proposal Form Tampered? What should you do?
Missed paying your insurance premium? Here’s what you can do
Facing a Delay in Getting Your Insurance Claim? Know Why
Common reasons why your health insurance claim can be rejected
How do I register a claim with BSK?
Simple! Call us on 8655943027 or click on Contact Us and leave your details. We will get in touch with you and do the rest.
What are your charges?
We levy a nominal fee of only Rs 1000/- plus GST towards the registration. Thereafter, on the SUCCESSFUL realisation of your claim, we charge success fees @ 10% plus GST.
What services do you provide?
On the Retail side, we help people redress their insurance related problems. From mis-selling / fraud to claim redressal, we help you fight for what is rightfully yours. On the Corporate side, we run a service called Corporate Seva Desk (CSD). This is where corporates find solutions to their Risk Management issues.
How long does the realisation process take?

Each case is unique in its own way. Therefore, it is difficult to layout a precise TAT (turnaround time). However, our endeavour is always to provide the quickest resolution and relive you off your worries.